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Our Cheap Towing Services Will Get You Moving Again! If you’re searching for a reliable towing company, here we are! At Perfect Towing Geelong we specialise in providing the best 24-hour towing service not only to Geelong but also surrounding areas like Werribee, Wyndham Vale, Lara and Little River, and we do it at the cheapest price. We’re on-call all day, everyday. So, if you find yourself broken down on the side of the freeway or in need of a tow after a bingle, we can help! Let the towing service professionals take care of your emergency the only we know how – quickly and at the best price. Call us now and we'll get you out of a pickle.

Car Towing

Our tow truck drivers have been in the industry for over a decade now so we're Pros at what we do. We have local area knowledge so you can rest assured that where ever you and your vehicle are, we’ll find you. Whether you’re in Geelong, Lara, Barwon Heads, Werribee or Torquay, we’ll get you and your vehicle safely off the road and to whatever destination you choose. We’re your first choice for all of your towing needs. As well as being the premier towing company in Geelong, we also offer 24-hr towing, breakdown and roadside assistance. So whether you have a flat tyre, dead battery or your cars completely ka-put, call us now and let Affordable Towing Geelong get you moving again.

Machinery Towing Service

Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria but that doesn’t mean we deserve second rate towing services. Don’t bother calling tow truck companies from the big smoke – they’re 70kms away in Melbourne. Let your local towie from Affordable Towing Geelong come to the rescue and give you an outstanding experience.

Bike Towing

The 2016 population of Geelong was 235,000 people, but this is expected to rise by 36% to 320,000 by 2036. Can you imagine how much more congested our roads will be in 20 years’ time? This means more potential for car accidents and breakdowns. Here at Affordable Towing Geelong, we like to be able to contribute to the minimisation of delays caused by breakdowns and traffic accidents. Whenever we’re called to a job our top priorities are safety and efficiency. We want to get you and your vehicle out of harm’s way as quickly and safely as possible. It’s just a bonus for you that our prices are affordable and our towing service unbeatable.

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